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Christine Taylor Brann

Christine Taylor Brann

JSDC Law Offices has established the highly-focused Medical Cannabis Group, one of the first such practices in the state for medical cannabis clients. Headed by attorney Christine Taylor Brann, Esq. who helped lead the legislative efforts to legalize medical cannabis in Pennsylvania, the Medical Cannabis Group is ably positioned to assist clients in a wide array of legal pursuits.

These include assisting patients and their families, educational and research facilities, growers, processors and dispensaries with the legally complex issues of licensing, regulatory compliance, transportation, security, finance, taxes, real estate, elder law, estate planning, patent and trademark licensing, and other matters associated with medical cannabis.

The JSDC Medical Cannabis Group is in the forefront of the medical cannabis movement and brings considerable expertise to this evolving area of law. Whether it is securing recommended treatment, siting a grow facility, licensing a retail dispensary or regulatory oversight, the JSDC Medical Cannabis Group can assist with any client’s lawful needs. Cannabis remains illegal under Federal law in spite of the new state law allowing for its medical usage, and the JSDC Medical Cannabis Group will work with clients to ensure careful compliance of laws applicable to their proposed activities. Representation by the JSDC Medical Marijuana Group does not mitigate the risk of Federal enforcement of laws associated with medical marijuana activities.